About Us

Launching in 2023, LOVE ROSE AU is a small business that understands the importance of feeling confident in yourself. LOVE ROSE AU aims to foster this sense of self-love by providing goods to make you feel better.

Our featured product, the Fake Tan Fan, helps avoid the hassle associated with fake tanning. Yes, we are all too familiar with the displeasure of sticky and discoloured sheets, staying up late waiting to dry or ruining nice bedwear. Well, not anymore. The new cordless and rechargeable Fake Tan Fan will dry your tan quickly and efficiently, without said issues. This product is a must-have in every household.

We are grateful to provide our beautiful supporters with the opportunity to feel self-confident and assured. Keep up to date on our website for more exciting products coming in 2023.

We thank you for your ongoing support and…

Welcome to the family.

Disclaimer: Let us be crystal clear. We do not condone sun tanning of any kind. Skin cancer and associated diseases are very serious. Individuals who participate in sun tanning do so at their own risk. Fake tanning, with colours to match any skin tone, is a much safer option. LOVE ROSE AU simply provides fake tan users with a solution to a sticky problem. For more information, we recommend reading the Cancer Council website. Stay safe & be sun smart.