Product Benefits

Why should I use the FTF?

Reason 1: Speed up the drying process.

Waiting for your fake tan to dry can be a drag, so speed up the process using the FTF on a cool setting. Just lightly blast across the areas you have tanned and you will be back in bed in no time.

Reason 2: It is portable.

Finally, you can dry your fake tan in the comfort of your own bedroom. Standing in the bathroom, all tangled up in cords, is a thing of the past.

Reason 3: It is small.

Too much in your luggage? Don't stress, the FTF will even fit in your handbag.

Reason 4: It is quiet.

The FTF is as quiet as your local library. Your partner can sleep like a baby while you dry your fake tan.

Reason 5: It comes with a stand.

Keep your bench space clean. The FTF comes with a stand for your convenience.